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We have been working with passion for many years in equestrian tourism: we have studied different routes able to satisfy the desire to discover our territory both for expert riders and for beginners and minors at the first contact with these magnificent animals.


We currently have 6 Anglo-Arab-Sardinian horses (English riding), a rectangle for exercises , 10 masonry boxes where there is the possibility of hosting private horses and we have excursions of different duration, from 2 hours to all day. .


Here are some of the paths we normally travel on:

we will be happy to be able to study ad-hoc excursions that can satisfy the different needs of our guests.

For those who decide to dedicate the whole holiday week to equestrian tourism, a package is available that includes:


  • 1 week stay with bed and breakfast

  • 5 horseback excursions lasting one day each

  • Lunches and dinners included


We invite you to contact us for more information!




  1. Su Mannau Caves / easy / approx. 2 hours

  2. Springs of Pubusinu / easy / 3 hours approx

  3. La Vedetta - Rio Bega / intermediate / about 4 hours

  4. The enchanting Scivu Beach - Capo Pecora / advanced / all day

  5. Temple of Antas - Arenas Mine / advanced / all day

  6. Lago Piscina Morta - San Nicolò beach - Portixeddu / advanced / all day

Ancora 2

Duration: about 2 hours

Level: easy

After having crossed the town we walk along an old mule track in loc. Risaboi, to then reach the Caves of Su Mannau , upon returning we walk along a dirt road and reach the mine of Su Zurfuru to go back down to Fluminimaggiore.

Ancora 3

Duration: about 3 hours

Level: easy

We walk along a large circular dirt road to reach the important springs of Pubusinu where we can take advantage of its rich and abundant waters.

Ancora 4

Duration: about 4 hours

Intermediate level

We walk along a large dirt road up to a high mountain called Perde Guadu reaching a fire control station "La Vedetta" , where the whole Fluminese territory is dominated and you can enjoy a fantastic panorama that embraces from San Nicolò to Scivu.
Go down the opposite slope to reach an old S'Acqua Bona mine and cross the Bega river bed before returning to Shangrila .

Ancora 5

Duration: all day

Advanced level

We arrive at the beaches of Scivu , characterized by coves with golden sand and go up towards the mountain where you can admire all the ravines that characterize this coast, then we reach Capo Pecora along a rocky stretch composed of small and large oval granite stones, finally we arrive at the Portixeddu beach and along a reed bed that runs along Rio Mannu we return to Fluminimaggiore.

Ancora 6

Duration: all day

Advanced level

You reach Punta Piloca (rocky walls where many climbing lovers delight) where from a road in the woods you can admire the valley from above with the Punic Roman Temple of Antas in the center , then continuing on the Roman road, we reach the caves of Su Mannau and then Fluminimaggiore.

Ancora 1

Duration: all day

Advanced level

After crossing the Rio Mannu we reach the old mine of Santa Lucia , then go up and down the mountain to then reach Piscina Morta , a small lake that forms in winter due to abundant rains.

We reach a panoramic point where you can admire the Gulf of Lion , we descend from an imposing dune and reach the San Nicolò - Portixeddu beaches and then return to Fluminimaggiore.

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