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Sea and Beaches

The Costa Verde has remained one of the most unspoiled corners of all the Sardinian coasts.


The position of the B&B Shangrilà, central to the coast that starts from Oristano and ends at the island of Sant'Antioco, allows all guests to reach in a few minutes some of the most beautiful and famous beaches of the island and with a few kilometers in more, to discover enchanting landscapes and breathtaking views.

In this vast variety of different possibilities, we would like to suggest some places that we believe are worth visiting, but we are aware that it will be you, day after day, who will complete the list: in fact, the experience of many years has shown us that every guest a particular glimpse or corner remains imprinted that will carry in the heart for the rest of life.

In fact, a few kilometers away are some of the most famous Sardinian beaches such as Scivu , a Unesco natural park, Capo Pecora , a natural promontory that stretches into the sea for several hundred meters, Piscinas , with the highest sand dunes in Italy. Europe and Cala Domestica , a real paradise on earth, already the location of numerous commercials, music videos and promotional films of the island.

Sant'Antioco too, and from there boarding to the island of Carloforte , is no more than 45 minutes by car.


Easily accessible from Shangrila:



Imagine a desert formed by dunes up to 60 meters high shaped by the wind, dotted here and there by juniper, mastic, broom and euphorbia, which thin out gently towards the sea.

Imagine unspoiled nature where it is still possible to see the Sardinian deer go as far as the shore and the sea turtles lay their eggs in early summer.

Finally, imagine a very long beach, with a sea that is sometimes calm and sometimes impetuous, but always fascinating, clear and transparent that invites you to dive and relax in its cool embrace.

Here is Piscinas: an enchanting place that remains indelibly imprinted in the eyes and hearts of all its visitors



  • The beach is well equipped, with parking, a bar and rental of deck chairs and umbrellas.

  • The large area reserved for all naturism lovers is famous


Recommended to whom

  • Families, groups of friends, couples, surfers, when the sea is rough.


How to get there

  • Piscinas is about half an hour's drive from Shangrilà on state 126 northbound, but we recommend that you consider the road to reach it as an integral part of the excursion. In fact, you pass through the famous Arbura mines and although there is an unpaved stretch, the landscape is so fascinating that it deserves a reduced speed.


Scivu beach is well known for being one of the most beautiful coasts of the entire Costa Verde.

It is considered an unmissable destination for those lucky enough to stay in this area due to the still unspoiled nature and the presence of a rich local fauna such as the Sardinian deer, thanks to which the whole dune area around the beach has become well protected by the Unesco.

It is about 3 km long and behind it rise high sandstone walls covered by a dense Mediterranean scrub that releases its scent to the sea.

The sea is splendid, very clean and with fascinating turquoise reflections, pleasant throughout the summer and enjoyable in its maximum splendor just in the hours close to sunset where the sun's rays in their impact with the water, the cliffs and the dunes of fine and medium-grained sand, create chromatic effects of rare beauty.



  • There is a large parking area close to the beach, reachable with a short walk, a kiosk, and a rental service for deckchairs, umbrellas and skates.


Recommended to whom

  • Couples, families, groups of friends


How to get there

  • From Shangrilà the beach is about 25 minutes by car, exiting the village of Fluminimaggiore on the state road 126 heading north towards Arbus.

  • After 10 minutes you will find the left turn with directions to Scivu.

cala domestica

Cala Domestica is more unique than rare: it is not for nothing that it is considered among the 5 most beautiful beaches of the whole island and among the most fascinating in the whole Mediterranean.
It is located 5km south of Buggerru, in a former mining area where the ruins of the warehouses and deposits of minerals that were waiting to be loaded on a small railway are still visible.

As its name suggests, it is a sandy cove surrounded by high dunes and limestone cliffs, located at the end of a long cove in the coast, with fine sand, gravel and rocks scattered to the right and left of the beach.

It is dominated by an ancient Spanish tower of the 18th century, reachable via a path, which allows a view that sweeps from Capo Pecora to the island of Carloforte: it is in fact one of the many lookouts that characterize the Sardinian coast.

On the opposite side, however, a small natural arch leads to what is commonly called La Caletta, a very intimate and discreet corner of the beach, from which numerous paths that can be traveled by trekking lovers branch off.

The sea is simply gorgeous: clear and transparent water, it makes swimmers and landing boats seem really suspended in the air.



  • The car park is about 100 meters from the beach (a short walk on a newly built wooden walkway that will not make you regret the little effort) and there is a kiosk equipped with rental chairs, umbrellas, canoes and skates.


Recommended to whom

  • Couples, families, groups of friends.


How to get there

  • Starting from Shangrila, take the coastal road heading south and after reaching Buggerru, about 10 minutes, continue for another 5 km and find the right turn for the beach.

san nicolò

More than 2 km long, it is certainly the easiest beach to reach from Shangrilà.

It offers a scenario of extraordinary beauty due to the transparency of the water, the fine and clear sand and the dense pine forest that reaches right up to the beach, allowing you to find a welcoming coolness even on the hottest days.

The Mistral wind is often the protagonist on this part of the coast making it a renowned meeting point for all surf lovers and offering various equipped areas that allow you to rest on the loungers letting yourself be caressed by the sun, enjoy a ride in a canoe, on skates or playing in the numerous beach volleyball fields present.

On the north side of the beach there is the small village of Portixeddu which takes its name from the landing place present in more distant times.
Portixeddu is truly magical and allows you to take a break from tanning by taking a walk through the village and continuing along the cliff surrounded by the fragrant Mediterranean scrub


  • Fully equipped beach with paid and unpaid parking available for its entire length.

  • The proximity to Portixeddu also allows you to stop and eat at one of the two restaurants and pizzeria present.

Recommended to whom

  • Couples, groups of friends, families and passionate surfers when the sea permits.

How to get there

  • From Shangrilà heading south towards Buggerru is the first beach you come across, after a few minutes by car.

capo pecora

Going into the sea for hundreds of meters, Capo Pecora is a place characterized by stones, cliffs overlooking the sea, granite rocks, sparse vegetation and wind; a place far from everything and everyone, uncontaminated, unforgettable and suggestive for those who love the sea and nature.

To its left it is possible to dive and snorkel in the crystal clear water while remaining a short distance from the road.

For those who want to take a few more steps, on the right there are coves, rocks, small stacks that seem designed by the sea and shaped by the wind.

Particular both in the conformation and in the view visible from the road that you follow to reach it, although it does not have a real beach, it remains one of the most fascinating and unmissable settings



  • Free parking before accessing the promontory


Recommended to whom

  • To anyone who wants to spend a day isolated from the world


How to get there

  • From Shangrilà heading south towards Buggerru, turn left before Portixeddu and continue towards the tip of the peninsula for a few hundred meters.


Masua is a private and very intimate sandy beach that is located right in front of the island of Pan di Zucchero, a limestone cliff 133 meters high and characterized by two huge arches that open at its base.

The combination of masua beach and the Sugar Loaf, which looks like a large sugar cube in the middle of the sea, creates a surprising setting in a truly magical setting.

The sunset, with the sun dying right in the sea in front of the beach, is such an exciting moment that it remains etched in the soul of every visitor.



  • Parking is available close to the beach, but there is no other equipped service


Recommended to whom

  • He wants to rest by the sea surrounded by a halo from a fairytale atmosphere


How to get there

  • It is just over half an hour from Fluminimaggiore in a southerly direction. After Buggerru, take the state road for another 15 minutes and arrive at Masua beach and the Pan di Zucchero.

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