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Sulcis in Fiore - May

Traveling event that touches all the municipalities of the South-West of Sardinia, it is a large container of events put together to promote the Sulcis Iglesiente area

June 13 - Sant'Antonio, Feast of the patron
The most important festival in the town during which you can watch the procession in which the whole town participates, with traditional costumes, parade on horseback, cart pulled by oxen, flowers sprinkled throughout the streets covered by the statue of the Saint

August 15 - Procession of Santa Maria Assunta
On the night of August 15th, two great events are celebrated: the procession of the Assumption and the fireworks. The statue of the Madonna is carried on the shoulder to the church of the town followed by the Fluminesi in traditional clothes who sing songs in the Sardinian language. After the statue has reached the Church, you can watch a fantastic fireworks show that are launched from the sports field.

There are several agencies and territorial tourism promotion bodies that deal with organizing events that allow our guests to enrich their stay in the Sulcis Iglesiente by participating in musical, food and wine and traditional events.

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